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Wild Indigo Porcelain

With just a hint of underlying inspiration from art nouveau, Wild Indigo is a set that is intended to bridge traditional and contemporary styles. The high-quality porcelain plates are 10.75" in diameter and are graced with serene animal and plant combinations. They are food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. We are excited to announce that we are currently running a 30-day Kickstarter campaign for these designs. Please pledge to help bring this project to life.

  • Category: Dinnerware
  • Funding Type: Crowd Funding
  • Release: Ships February 2018

Project Updates

Glow Team


Porcelain dinnerware is simultaneously delicate and durable.

To make it last, you should treat your investment with the utmost care. In our house, the plates are used regularly, so they all will get a healthy amount of scuffs and scratches over the years. You might view yours as works of art purely for display or as fancy pieces only to be brought out during special occasions.

However you decide to use your porcelain, you should try to protect it the best you can to keep it as pristine as possible and lasting a very long time.

Pro Care Tips:

1. Try not to shock your dinnerware with extreme temperatures. Putting them in a hot oven, over a flame, directly onto a burner, or in the freezer is not very good for them. Likewise, putting a plate that was just in the fridge directly into a microwave is not ideal, either. 

2. After a meal, don’t scratch off dried food. Soak the piece in warm water (not too hot) for a few minutes before washing.

3. Although porcelain is dishwasher safe, please keep in mind that dishwashers tend to be quite violent. The detergents are harsh, the temperatures are lava-hot, and the jets of water can rattle the pieces together or against other objects. It is recommended that you leave enough space between the plates and other dishes so that they don’t touch each other. If your machine has a lower temperature setting, you should probably choose that button. It is also better not to use the hot drying cycle.

4. Gentle = good. Your best bet is to wash porcelain by hand using a mild soap and a soft washcloth (scour pads are totally overkill). The quicker you can clean your dinnerware, the easier it is to clean and the better it is for the plates. You shouldn’t leave them in the sink overnight covered in food, especially pasta sauce or other acidic things that can damage the glaze. 

5. People who love their porcelain will store them with a paper towel or some sort of protective layer between the plates.

If treated properly, your dinnerware will last and be loved by future generations. Enjoy!