About Glow

Art Comes From the Heart

Our Story

We are an idea incubator and product design company based in Pittsburgh PA, and our team is inexplicably driven to dream into existence interesting and unique merchandise. We’ve found that we are stronger working as a group, as we can each bring to the table our unique skills and inspire one another. Since family is at the center of our lives, we strive to focus on positive projects with heart and feeling. 

Our Goals

Using our collective skills in fine art, illustration, company branding, product design, website design, and software engineering, we hope to bring into being many clever, innovative creations to share with the world. Our hope for the future is that we can grow, collaborate, and share our successes by expanding our network to empower other motivated individuals to utilize their creative talents together with us.

Our Team

Jessica Rancatore

Creative Engineer

"There is no fate but what we make."

-The Terminator

Jess is an experienced, perfectionistic artist/illustrator/graphic designer who enjoys working with vendors and teaming up with other talented prime movers to get stuff done.

Michelle Lenkner

Creative Engineer

Michelle is a skilled fine artist fluent in many mediums including paint, sculpture, and Photoshop. She is a gifted idea generator integral to keeping Glow’s focus rooted in positivity.

Shawn Rancatore

Creative Engineer

Shawn is a software engineer who is a master of pragmatic code. He is a concept developer, a feasibility specialist, a technology expert, and an insightful entrepreneur.