Wild Indigo Press Kit

PITTSBURGH, November 7, 2017. Glow Creative Innovations, LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a unique set of heirloom-quality porcelain dinner plates to be manufactured by the award-winning Kristoff Workshop in Poland. Inspired by the elegance of nature and the ethereal serenity of art nouveau, the line is called Wild Indigo, and these four designs capture serene blue-and-white animal and plant combinations that were created to get attention and enhance anyone’s dining experience. 

“Mealtime is an opportunity to get everyone into one room to touch base and share valuable time with one another,” says Jess Simmons, the illustrator/product designer heading the project. “Whether you’re cooking a gourmet culinary masterpiece or simply serving up some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, the whole point is to create warm, wonderful memories and a feeling of togetherness. I would love to have my designs be out there in the world as a part of the ambiance of those special moments.” 

Each of these unique works of art will come in a simple, sturdy, individually-labeled box, which will both help keep the porcelain safe and also look attractive should they be wrapped up with a bow to be given to someone special as a gift. 

Titled WheatFox, GinkgoBunny, LilyKoi, and FernSparrow, the plates are each 10.75” in diameter and are durable, food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. Treated properly, this porcelain can last for generations. If the Kickstarter is well-received and meets expectations, there will be future designs added to the Wild Indigo line on other items such as dessert plates, serving bowls, and mugs. 

The set is available to fund with special pricing on the Kickstarter campaign page until December 6, 2017, and afterward, if it makes its goal, the plates will be available for purchase on the Wild Indigo product page of Glow’s website. This campaign marks the first crowd-funding project Glow is undertaking as a startup business and it is an important milestone in the company’s success. 

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WheatFox Plate

Wheat Fox Plate

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Lily Koi Plate

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Fern Sparrow Plate