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Odyssey Playing Cards

Odyssey cards highlight the struggles within humanity during the rapidly expanding world of the 16th through 19th centuries. It was a time when the landscapes of myth, magic, and legend were charted and mapped. Valiant heroes, fierce monsters, ancient gods, mighty tribes, and sea creatures were demystified and transformed into commodities of a global economy.

As our world grew and the finitude of our planet was confronted, mankind's journeying outward ultimately turned inward and etched long-lasting routes through our cultures, religions, and lives.

The artwork in this deck explores the ways in which these themes unfolded in the intertwined stories of the people in that age of exploration. Through the intimacy of these portraits we see both the saga of their unique era and familiar themes that remain relevant in our own time.

This is one of those showpiece decks that you want to have available for when friends come over for game night, and there are many hidden details and symbolism to be discovered if you look closely enough...

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  • Release: December 2017
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